RF_Power Amplifiers from CPI (ehem. TMD)

TWT-Power Amplifier
fully integrated into 19" slide-in housing

Frequency-Range:  800 MHz – 45,5 GHz
Output Power:  40 – 1000 W, CW
   1000 – 20000 W, Pulse



    • Traveling wave tube technology
    • max. 3 minutes warm-up time
    • Display and remote-control interface
    • Interlock functionality
    • Pulse modulator input
    • Integrated directional coupler outputs
    • Self-diagnosis and error memory
    • The manufacturer's warranty is 2 years on power supplies and 1 year on tubes

CPI (formerly TMD) offers high-quality integrated TWT power amplifiers for laboratory applications for EMC immunity testing, PIM test setups, research and medical.In addition to the catalog models (1 – 40 GHz for CW and pulse applications), CPI sees itself as a solution provider and also addresses customer-specific requirement profiles.CPI's headquarters are located near Heathrow Airport in England and therefore offer quick response times in the event of a service. CPI’s technicians quickly reach most destinations in Europe directly by flight.

You can find a selection of the available amplifier models here:
“CPI Amplifier Overview”

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

System guarantee

If desired, the system can be designed according to your overall requirements; EMCO provides you with guaranteed overall performance with a system guarantee. Your advantage: You receive a resilient overall system from the time the system is handed over.