Pulse Generators

Pockels-Cell Driver with ~80ps rise time to ~7kV with a Jitter <~10ps, including terminations

Pulse Generators

For all measurements/tests that require higher pulse levels, it is woth checking out the pulsers from Kentech Instruments Ltd.

Pulse Generators

SPL1 high repetition rate pulse generator specifically designed for radar applications. It produces a short pulse with a fast rise time and a high repetition rate, 10 kV, 10 kHz, <120 ps rise time

Our Range of Offers

Pulse generators with extremely short rise times – for data rates up to 40 GB/sec. and a few volts amplitude or amplitudes up to the kilovolt range at the fastest dU/dt! The standard range of pulse generators is rounded off with the option of customer-specific designs.

Product Overview:

Overview of Kentech Instruments Ltd Pulse Generators::

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

Regardless of “frequency domain” or “time domain”, the EMCO team brings high frequency and short time together correctly!