RF- & Microwave Components

Hohlleiter-Rohmaterial WR-3 bis WR-650, WRD-110 bis WRD-750, Thin-Wall, flexibel, Flansch-Rohmaterial, E- & H-Bögen, Kupfer, Bronze, Silber & Al

Antennen und HF-Komponenten in Koaxial- & Hohlleitertechnik

Hohlleiter- & Subsysteme, WR-22 bis WR-650, eigenes Salzbad und eigene Galvanik

Breites Spektrum an Mikrowellen- & HF-Komponenten, passiv und aktiv, von kHz bis THz, Aerospace, Kommunikation, Defence & R&D

Hochleistungskomponenten in Koaxial- & Hohlleitertechnik

LNAs und Endstufenmodule bis 50 GHz

Elektromechanische HF-Relais & Schaltfelder bis 26,5 GHz. Koaxiale Schalter SPDT bis SP10T und Transferschalter bis zu 5 Millionen Schaltspiele. Kundenspezifische Bauformen (Form-Fit-Function) möglich.

Detektoren, Limiter, Pin-Dioden Schalter, Mischer, Generatoren, Verstärker

Up- und Down-Konverter, Schalter, Multiplier, Verstärker, kundenspezifische Lösungen

Programmier- & einstellbare Dämpfungsglieder, Leistungsteiler, koaxiale Schalter, Abschlüsse

Passive Hohlleiterkomponenten bis 50 GHz, Drehkupplungen, SPACE HERITAGE, eigenes Salzbad und eigene Galvanik

Diverse HF-Komponenten bis 65 GHz: Verstärker, Detektoren, Filter, Mischer, Kombiner/Teiler, Diskriminatoren, Schalter

HF- und Mikrowellenfilter, Diplexer und Unterbaugruppen bis 50 GHz, Röhrenförmiges, LC-, Cavity- und Hohlleiterdesign, sowie hochmoderne Hochleistungsmodelle mit suspendiertem Substrat. Kundenspezifische Lösungen

LNAs, aktive & passive HF-Komponenten bis 140 GHz, Konverter, Hohlleiter & Hohlleitersysteme

Absorber-Einsätze für Hohlleiter bis 90 GHz, Hohlleiter-Abschlüsse & Loads, flexibles Absorbermaterial 2–26 GHz

Antennen, Kabel und Steckerverbindungen für Mikrowellen- & Millimeterwellensysteme DC-70 GHz.
Spezielle 5G Kabel und Kabelassemblies!

Entwicklung & Design kundenspezifischer Hohlleiterlösungen, Komponenten und Subsysteme aller WR-Größen und gängiger WRD-Größen

Diverse Oszillatoren, Synthesizer, Hybride, Filter, alle gängigen HF-Komponenten, Synflex-Kabel, kundenspezifische HF-Komponenten

EMC Measurement

Dropout, Surge, Ripple Simulator and AC/DC Voltage Source, CIS-25 Test Kit: Conducted/Induced Susceptibility EMC Testing, Wide-Bandwidth Switch-Mode Amplifiers

EMF-instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields around power lines or at workplaces, 5 Hz - 400 kHz

EMC Antennas and Accessories, Field-Sensors, Semi- and Fully Anechoic Chambers, Chambers and Testsystems for measuring WiFi, WIMAX, CTIA, OTA, LTE & MIMO,  GTEM-cells; Absorbers

Solid-State Amplifiers (Class AB) 500 kHz - 50 GHz, 2 W bis 10 kW

Current- and Voltage-Clamps; Calibration-Jigs, LISN’s, TEM-Cells

EMC- Pulsegenerators, Burst-, Surge-Generators up to100 kA and 100 kV for compliant EMC-testing, ESD-Test, DO-160 Test Systems; Isolationtest-Systems, IC and Component-testing

Ultra-compact, metal free Feldsensors for extrem high fields & divers ambient conditions, 40 Hz – 40 GHz, up to 10 MV/m or 4.7 Tesla. Measurement-System for up to 3 Field Sensors and up to 100m Fibre-Optic Cable length

EMC-Software for Immunity and Emission Measurements; automated EUT Monitoring, Lab Resources Management

Laser powered Field-Sensor up to 18GHz for CW and pulsed Measurements with high linearity,
1-3 Channel Highspeed-Powermeter, 9kHz – 26,5GHz

EMC protected, optical Transmissionsystems (DOtech) for interference free transmission of analog signals from DC-10MHz

EMC Receivers, 10Hz to 18GHz, compliant & precompliant, Click-Meters, Field-Sensors up to 40GHz, Power Meters, EMC-Antennas, LISN’s and accessories for EMC testing, conducted RF-Immunity-Systems

EMC-hardend Audio & Video-Systems, Fibre Optic Converters and transmission for various applications like, automotive (CAN,LIN, E-Charger)  Ethernet, USB, HDMI, LIN, etc.

RF over Fibre links up to 6 GHz for EMC Test environments

Solid State EMC Amplifiers (class A) 10 kHz–6 GHz, 20 W to12 kW

Current Clamps, B- & D-Dots, Baluns

TWT-High-Power Amplifiers 2,0 - 50 GHz, CW & Puls bis >35 kW

Custom and robust RF-Cable Solutions for a broad spectrum of Connectors up to 50 GHz and up to 50 kW

RF- & Micowave Measurement

Compact 1, 2 or 4-port performance Vector Network Analyzers, 50 kHz up to 92 GHz; TDR option; operation via external software and Monitor;
Components: high performance RF- & Microwave Components for Calibrations- und Measurements up to 110 GHz

LNA & UWB Amplifiers 1,8 – 26 GHz, SatCom-Amplifiers up to 31 GHz, L, C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka-Band; Satellite Simulators & Systems

RF & EMC-Shielded Testboxes with high attenuation to test wireless products incl. accessories. Standard solutions for Automation and Product Development with custom feed-through-panels

Handover-Testsystems, Switchmatrix-Systems

UWB-Pulsgenerators (tr<150ps, bis 80 kV), Drivers for Pockels Cells

Fibre-Optic-Cross-Site-connections 10 MHz – 7,5 GHz with ultra-wide dynamic range

Avionic Test Equipment & Radio Test Set

AVIONIK Test Equipment for Identification, Navigation

Radio Test-Sets for analog & digital Applications, TETRA

Antenna Measurement

Antenna Test-Sites, Shielded Enclosures, Semi- and fully Anechoic Shielded Rooms; Environments for WiFi, WIMAX, CTIA, OTA, LTE & MIMO testing

Positioner for 5G Antenna-Measurements (OTA); for R&D and verifications of 5G MIMO Antenna

Turnkey Antenna Measurement Systems, Nearfield and Farfield solutions; Compact Chambers; CATR;Chip Antenna Measurement System


LWL Distributionssysteme, GNSS-Signalgenerats & Simulators, Inertial Navigation Module; SecureSync® Time and Frequency Reference System, PTB Master-Clocks