Business areas

EMCO ELEKTRONIK covers the following technological areas with its business areas:

RF- & Microwave Components
RF components up to 140 GHz
Waveguide components up to 325 GHz
SATCOM components

Passive, active or optical - we supply you with the right components. Individually or as a system, according to MIL standard or with Space approval - everything from a single source.

RF- & Microwave measurement technology
HF shielding boxes
Network Analyzers
Spectrum Analyzers
Power Sensors
Pulse & Signal Generators
HF switch panels

We support you with high-quality RF measurement technology and test equipment. We realize your special applications with the respective technology leaders.

EMC measurement technology
Power AmplifierAntennas
Field Probes and Current clamps
Measuring Receiver
Disturbance Simulators & ESD
Laboratory software
GTEM cells, cabins and Anechoic Chambers
Fiber optic transmission paths

For your EMC measurement tasks, we offer you hardware and software for conducted and radiated measurements. Our spectrum ranges from simple, precompliance measurement technology to turnkey absorber rooms with complete, Standard-compliant system technology.

Antennen Measurement Technology
Positioners & Tripods
Antenna Measuring Solutions
Wireless Test Systems

For a wide variety of applications, such as B. SatCom, MIMO, WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GNSS, 5G, we offer you the necessary measurement technology.

Avionik Test Technology & Radio Test Sets
Radio Test Sets (BOS, TETRA)
Transponder & Interrogator Testers
Nav/Comm Tester
Satellite Constellation Simulators (GNSS)
Test Systems for altimeters
Test Systems for level gauges
Test Systems for military aircraft 

For safe flight operations, both civil and military, we supply avionics test equipment for identification, navigation, communication and security. We offer special radio test stations for analogue and digital radio standards for testing radio devices.

Positioning – Navigation – Timing
Time Standards
GPS/GNSS Simulators
Jamming Signal Simulators
PTB Master clocks
Enterprise NTP Servers
Distribution Systems 

We offer you resilient and reliable solutions for the PNT market. The products are used in the automotive industry, in the financial markets sector and in military applications.

EMCO ELEKTRONIK operates as a consulting sales company for innovative, tailor-made and economical solutions in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and high-frequency technology (RF).

We have been present in the DACH region for over 30 years and offer you the top products of leading international manufacturers as well as manufacturer-independent advice.The guidelines of our work is based on qualification, professional competence, quality, precision, flexibility, economy and adherence to schedules.
These attributes allow and ensure that our customers receive targeted advice.Our specially trained engineers, technicians and assistants are able to work out tailor-made, individual and economical solutions with the customer, even for the most demanding requirements.We constantly monitor and analyze current market developments and technological innovations. We are well equipped to keep up with the constantly growing and changing needs of the industry and to offer the services that are compatible with the wide range of products.Our goal is to optimally meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.