Passive RF-Components

Coaxiale switches and transfer switches for up to 5 million guaranteed switching cycles. Selected models available in "robust" design, high power, low PIM and SMT Versions

Passive RF-Components

The Portfolio of resistive components ranges from "delicately strung" high-frequency miniature designs to robust machines in the lower GHz range

Passive RF-Components

Isolators, Circulators: ferritic components that conduct RF signals "from port to port", even at high levels!

Passive RF-Components

Couplers and dividers in all common versions fro all practical frequencies and line types.

Passive RF-Components

Highest fequency, highest precision, highest input power, exotic connection technology: the portfolio includes prefabricated coaxial cables with high standards!

Our Range of Offers

Assembled coaxial cable sets and resistive components for RF power up to the kilowatt range - or high-precision and low-reflection up to mm waves. Electromechanical switches, couplers, dividers, filters, circulators and isolators for every requirement. 

You can obtain detailed information from the EMCO Elektronik team - or online - here is a selection of further links:

Product Overview

Wide range of passive RF components from kHz to THz

Antennas, couplers, filters, hybrids, power dividers

Electromechanical HF switches
EPX Microwave
JFW Industries

Terminating resistors, attenuators

Filters, duplexer couplers, isolators, power dividers and much more in various designs
RF components from RF-Lambda

Various HF components up to 50 GHz

Filters, diplexers, multiplexers & subassemblies DC to 50 GHz

Mixers, phase shifters, DC blocks, filters, surface-mount components

Assembled cables, plug connections