AVIONICS Test & Measurement

AVX-10K: ultra-compact combination device of the latest generation expecially for transponder and NavCom tests on the apron

AVIONICS Test & Measurement

IFR-4000: battery-powered, lightweight Nav/Comm Tester for up to 8 hours of use on the apron. Checks HF-transmitters, radio beacons (VOR) etc. and offers intuitive operation

AVIONICS Test & Measurement

IFR-6000: mobile (almost) universal transponder ramp tester for DEM, TCAS, ADS, TLS ets. It comes in the same weatherpoof, robust housing as Model IFR-4000

AVIONICS Test & Measurement

ALT-8000: ultra-compact FM radio altimeter tester. The ALT-8000 tests CW as well as pulsed altimeters - a color LC display makes it easier to use

AVIONICS Test & Measurement

ATC-5000NG: ATC/DME Tester for stationary laboratory use. The ATC-5000NG includes a measurement receiver and signal generator and enables comprehensive transponder tests in many operating modes

Our Range of Offers

First IFR, then AEROFLEX, then COBHAM - now VIAVI: names change, but the technology of VIAVI's measuring and testing devices is constantly developing! Reliable availability through experience, continuity, product care and service have earned VIAVI a top position in the highly specialized field of avionics testing technology. EMCO Elektronik is VIAVI's German partner for avionics products in Germany.

The apron is not an RF laboratory: The ramp testers for Nav./Comm., TCAS, DME, ADS etc. impress in mobile use with their long battery life, weatherproof robustness with low weight and high user-friendliness.

For transponder developers, device manufacturing, device repair and calibration, VIAVI's stationary avionics measuring devices offer in-depth analysis tools and highly precise measurement options.

Product Overview

The new compact measuring device  AVX-10K vereint sowohl Transponcombines both transponder and NavCom test device in one and offers the user the most modern controls for easy, quick use on the apron!

The IFR-4000 is a mobile Nav./Comm. tester, designed as a ramp tester for use on the apron.

The IFR-6000 is a mobile transponder tester (DME, TCAS, etc.), designed as a ramp tester for use on the apron.

The ALT-8000 is a small, portable radio altimeter tester (FM, CW & pulse), designed as a ramp tester for use on the apron.

The ATC-5000NG is a signal generator/receiver for developing and testing secondary radar transponders for various operating modes. A benchtop device for the laboratory and test field.

The RSG-2000NG is the test system for the development, certification and repair of TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems) and transponders.

The GPSG-1000 is a small, portable GPS/Galileo satellite simulator.

In addition to testing devices for civil aviation, VIAVI Solutions of course also offers solutions for the military  https://www.viavisolutions.com/de-de/taxonomy/term/5823

VIAVI Solutions optionally offers various antenna couplers:
https://www.viavisolutions.com/de-de/produktkategorien/avionik-testloesungen/antennenkoppler for a direct test on the respective antennas.

You can find the complete portfolio of avionics test technology from VIAVI Solutions here:
Avionics Product range

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik:

Well-rehearsed logistics, handling of calibrations, unbureaucratic support and advice – for systems including accessories!