Antenna Measurement Technology

Compact measuring system for OTA measurements (precompliance CTIA)
2-D & 3-D Antenna measurements; TRP, EIRP, TIS and mehr! Frequency Range: 700 MHz – 10 GHz; Measuring distance: 1,5 m

Antenna Measurement Technology

MIMO Compact Chamber (precompliance CTIA)
2-D & 3-D Antenna measurements; TRP, EIRP, TIS and more! Frequency Range: 700 MHz – 6 GHz; Measuring distance: 1,5 m

Antenna Measurement Technology

Turnkey antenna measuring systems with patented solutions and our own software

Antenna Measurement Technology

LTE & MIMO OTA-Testsystems
per CTIA test plan; Dimensions: (4,9×4,9×3)m

Antenna Measurement Technology

Modular antenna test chamber
also for cost-effective self-assembly

Antenna measurement technology, systems & solutions

In our wireless communication world, antennas are everywhere: mobile communications, W-LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, radar, SatCom, GNSS and many other terms and applications.Determining the antenna characteristics is essential for optimal effectiveness. Systems for the development, but also for the standard-compliant measurement of all types of antennas (SISO & MIMO) are available. The solutions can be portable measuring cabins, near-field, far-field or compact test ranges.

Product Overview

Turnkey antenna measurement systemsPatented solutions and proprietary software in the frequency range 300 MHz - 300 GHz, compact test rooms for far fields with quiet zones from 30 × 30 cm² up to 450 × 450 cm², near-field antenna measurement systems, as well as antenna measurement systems for vehicles.

Compact antenna measurement systems; CTIA & OTA solutions

DIY antenna test area
The antenna test chamber is a tailor-made, unshielded solution and consists of a lightweight, modular support structure on which the polystyrene absorbers can be installed directly like building blocks.

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

Over 30 years of experience in system and antenna technology. We know the needs, analyze the options and offer the best possible solution in terms of price and performance!