Accessories for RF measurement technology

Unadulterated from the test specimen to the instrument! Precise measurements of low RF levels are possible with TRUtest measuring cables

Accessories for RF measurement technology

You always need coax adapters & cables! EMCO has the complete range with high precision at an affordable price

Accessories for RF measurement technology

Measuring accessories using waveguide technology from WR22 to WR650 - e. g. directional coupler with >35 dB directivity ports your measuring system into the waveguide world!

Product Overview:

User-friendly, low-loss and super-shielded measuring cables guarantee practically unadulterated measurement results in the frequency range up to 50 GHz:
while matching elements enable low-reflection access to 75Ω systems.

Our supplier Atlantec Microwave offers active and passive HF components, as well as HF cables of all kinds – from stock in England:

The whole world of coaxial adapters from A-Info puts an end to connectivity problems:
and even if the coaxial world is abandoned and other waveguide systems have to be “tapped”, EMCO always offers a solution, e.g.:

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

The best of all: the broad EMCO portfolio of HF components from various manufacturers enables targeted selection without compromises.