RF Absorbers & Absorber Materials

In collaboration with our partner Resin Systems, we supply you with the material from which you can make your own absorbers if you wish

RF Absorbers & Absorber Materials

As raw material in a “block” or as a finished absorber insert according to customer requirements

Our Range of Offers

Absorber material is used in an HF device so that the assemblies do not influence each other. These are usually mats made of silicone or polyurethane that are soaked in absorbent materials. Designed for a main frequency (V-shaped absorption curve), undesirable effects can be avoided. 
Absorber inserts made of synthetic resin are also interspersed with an absorbent material. Absorbers made of synthetic resin are cheaper and easier to process than ceramic inserts.


Product Overview

Resin Systems

Special manufacturer for absorber material and HF absorbers, which are cast from synthetic resin, for example.

Product Overview RF-Absorber and Absorber Material

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EMC-Absorber are available upon request!