Signal- & Noise Generators

The ASG signal generators come super small, network, USB or RS232 controlled and with at least +10 dBm - your signal source up to 6 GHz in a pocket size!

Signal- & Noise Generators

The PMM 3030 signal generator up to 3 GHz is inexpensive, portable (stand-alone or PC controlled), communicative and intuitive to use

Signal- & Noise Generators

Atlantec`s ANG-xxx serie noise generators generate up to 1 W of white Gaussian noise in the 10 Hz to 18 GHz spectrum

Signal- & Noise Generators

Eurofins E&S's YRS05 reference source / comb generator 25 Hz to 6 GHz for checking and validating conducted measurement setups and radiated measurement station environments

Our Range of Offers

Signal generators for many RF applications - even for special applications areas such as EMC, navigation and fast digital technology - portable devices complement classic desktop versions.

Product Overview:

Portable signal generators from PMM-Narda:

AtlanTecRF miniature signal generators:

Atlantec-RF noise generators:

Eurofins E&E Reference noise and signal sources for validating test and measurement setups up to 40 GHz
Reference RF, EMC Noise Signal | Eurofins York (

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

Signal generation is always just a beginning: The EMCO team also offers products and services for signal transmission and distribution!