Waveguide components & systems

Variable Power-Combiner
Combines two high-power amplifiers and sends the signal to one or two antennas. Either water-cooled or (as in the picture) with a fan.

Waveguide components & systems

Flex Twist
We offer flexible waveguide sections and systems from the manufacturers MDL and Apollo.

Waveguide components & systems

Inventory of waveguide raw material from A-Alpha
From WR3 to WR650, WRD110 to WRD750 „Normal“, Thin-Wall or flexible, E- & H-bends as well as flange raw material

Our Range of Offers

Waveguide Components & Systems:

Size: WR10 to WR975
Frequency: 10 MHz to 110 GHz
Profile: Single (WR) and Double Ridge (WRD)
Material: Aluminium or Copper
Coating:    Nickel, Silver or Gold
Solder Types: Soft Solder, Hart Solder, Salt-Bath
Manufacturer: A-Alpha, Apollo, MDL, SMC, Mirad, …


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Product Overview

Apollo Microwave
Waveguide & subsystems, WR-22 to WR650, own salt bath and in-house electroplating

MDL – Microwave Development Laboratories
Passive waveguide components up to 50 GHz, rotary couplings, SPACE HERITAGE, our own salt bath and our own electroplating

Waveguide products from antennas to flexible waveguides

SMC – Scientific Microwave Corporation
Development & design of customer-specific waveguide solutions, components and subsystems of all WR sizes and common WRD sizes