Radio Test Stations (RTS)

8800SX: universal tester for "digital Land Mobile Radio" systems. Hybrid design for mobile and stationary use. Allows up to 125 W input power!

Radio Test Stations (RTS)

3550R: a small, robust, portable, powerful radion & repeater tester. Captures transmit/receive parameters such as BER/SINAD/VSWR ets.

Radio Test Stations (RTS)

CX300: Complete solution for testing the entire communication spectrum portable radios via complex Infrastructures to broadband networks

Radio Test Stations (RTS)

CX100: ultra-compact and lightweight Test device for field use up to 6 GHz

Our Range of Offers:

The portfolio includes a wide selection of PMR test devices for mobile radio and repeater systems. The radio test sets enable professional, in-depth tests on devices and systems of analog and digital radio standards such as P25, TETRA, DMR, dPMR and NXDN.

Product Overview:

Model 8800SX is the perfect radio measuring station for digital radio technology. The device supports a variety of OEM standards with a focus on Motorola. The large color display makes it easy to keep a perfect overview.

Small but nice – robust and powerful, that is the Model 3550R – perfect for mobile use!

The CX300 ComXpert is a comprehensive communications services monitoring solution that provides radio engineers with an easy-to-use device for demanding applications. With its small form factor and rugged design, the rugged and unparalleled CX300 delivers lab-class technical performance in a field-optimized package.

The CX100 ComXpert is the first wireless test solution in this form factor to provide users with an easy-to-use, full-color display user interface and exceptional performance. With advanced features such as a 6 GHz frequency range, a 1-port VNA for cable and antenna analysis, and remote control via the VIAVI Mobile Tech app, the CX100 sets new standards for field maintenance.

VIAVI Solutions also offers radio measurement technology for military applications:

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