Radio Test Stations (RTS)

8800SX: universal tester for "digital Land Mobile Radio" systems. Hybrid design for mobile and stationary use. Allows up to 125 W input power!

Radio Test Stations (RTS)

3550R: a small, robust, portable, powerful radion & repeater tester. Captures transmit/receive parameters such as BER/SINAD/VSWR ets.

Radio Test Stations (RTS)

3920B: compact, universal device for all common tests on radio systems in analogue-digital technology and TETRA up to 1 GHz. Internal signal generator with -110 dBc/Hz phase noise

Our Range of Offers:

The portfolio includes a wide selection of PMR test devices for mobile radio and repeater systems. The radio test sets enable professional, in-depth tests on devices and systems of analog and digital radio standards such as P25, TETRA, DMR, dPMR and NXDN.

Product Overview:

Model 8800SX is the perfect radio measuring station for digital radio technology. The device supports a variety of OEM standards with a focus on Motorola. The large color display makes it easy to keep a perfect overview.

Small but nice – robust and powerful, that is the Model 3550R – perfect for mobile use!

Model 3920B is a universal radio measuring station with very good features and an enormous variety of functions. A variety of available “Application Notes” makes it easier to get started with complex measurements.

NEON® Signal Mapper is the tool for measuring radio coverage in buildings and/or special areas.

VIAVI Solutions also offers radio measurement technology for military applications:

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Overview of Radio Test Technology

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik:

We provide users with the best tips and tailored application information from VIAVI's huge product support pool!