Coupling Media and accessories

CISPR 16-1-2; CISPR 25; VDE0876; FCC part 15; from 1 ph/16A to 3 ph/500A, „artificial hand“, remote controllable with PMM measuring receiver

Coupling Media and accessories

Coupling Probes & Calibration Fixtures for BCI
MIL-STD461; ISO 11452-4; SAE J1113-4; 10 kHz-400 MHz; 500 W CW

Coupling Media and accessories

Wide range of ready-made cables:

  • low attenuation
  • robust
  • high power >10kW
  • different plug configurations

Coupling Media and accessories

System equipment and special accissories

  • Stripline
  • TEM Cells
  • Masts & Turntables
  • Special Antennas
  • Switching matrix
  • etc

Coupling Media and accessories

Eurofins E&S's YRS05 reference source / comb generator 25 Hz to 6 GHz for checking and validating conducted measurement setups and radiated measurement station environments

Our Range of Offers

EMCO Elektronik GmbH offers you a wide range of accessories from our regular suppliers for numerous EMC measurement tasks. We also work with well-known suppliers who offer a wide range of equipment for your special measuring tasks.

Product Overview:

CCTV & AUDIO systems, shielded cameras, versatile solutions for video surveillance and intercom, fiber optic converters from AUDIVO

LISN & accessories from NARDA-PMM

BCI coupling clamp & calibration unit from PRANA

Winchester cables for optimized applications (performance; low loss)

Current clamps and pulse sensors from PRODYN
E-Field Sensors (D-Dot)

H-Field Sensors ( B-Dot)

Current Clamps & probes

Eurofins E&E Reference noise and signal sources for validating test and measurement setups up to 40 GHz
Reference RF, EMC Noise Signal | Eurofins York (

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

As an experienced, independent provider, we strive to offer you the best solution in terms of price and performance.