Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) offers a wide range of particulary low-nise narrowband and broadband amplifiers, as well as amplifier assemblies


Small Signal amplifier 1,8 – 26 GHz, SatCom-amplifier up to 3 GHz


Compact dimensions, high gain with powerful P1out make this amplifier the ideal solution for radar systems, satcom or test applications

Our Range of Offers

When selecting a high-frequency amplifier, the user must decide which feature should take precedence: low noise, a wide bandwidth or high power of the output signal. There are also mixed forms, for example broadband amplifiers with relatively low noise, but low noise and high power usually do not go together. When evaluating amplifier characteristics, the application obviously plays a role: a signal engineer has a different idea of ​​“big power” than a radar engineer.

Product Overview

Atlantec Microwave

Standard Range of Amplifiers:
Miniature Amplifiers -Drop In | High Power Amplifiers

Microwave Solutions Inc. (MSI)

Broadband amplifiers in various versions with high output powers. Available as standard from stock or as a customer-specific solution.

Planar Monolithics Industries

PMI offers various RF and microwave amplifiers and amplifier assemblies, including low-noise amplifiers in the frequency range 1 kHz to 60 GHz.

RF-Lambda offers a variety of RF amplifiers for various applications, in different designs. Custom amplifiers upon request!