Measuring Receivers from PMM/NARDA

Serie 7010
Precompliance EMC-Receiver with built-in 16 A LISN at an offordable entry-level price!
Selectable: 9 kHz-30 Mhz; 9 kHz-1 GHz; 9 kHz-3 GHz

Measuring Receivers from PMM/NARDA

Serie 9030-9060-9180
External expansion modules for 9010F, 30 MHz – 3, 6  and 18 GHz

Measuring Receivers from PMM/NARDA

Model ER8000
FFT EMC-Receiver 9 kHz – 3 GHz with built-in LISN 16 A

Measuring Receivers from PMM/NARDA

FFT EMI Receiver 10 Hz – 3 GHz
Ultra-fast new EMC-Receiver

Measuring Receivers from PMM/NARDA

Click Analyszer
Continuous & Discontinuous Analysis and Verification Set, composed by:
- 9010F EMI Receiver
- CA0010 Click Analyzer & Calibration Unit

For over 50 years, PMM (since 2007 Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l.) has been producing innovative and cost-effective measurement receivers and accessories for standard-compliant CISPR and development-related EMC measurement tasks. The new, digital 7000 and 9000 series cover an extremely wide range of applications and at surprisingly affordable prices, starting at €6,000! The advantage of the concept is that it can be upgraded, so that you can, for example, start with conducted tests and later add radiated measurements, all in full compliance with standards! However, “mixed forms” are also possible if the relatively simple conducted measurement is to be carried out in accordance with the standards and the more complex, radiated measurement is only to be carried out during development. A fast FFT option is available, as is a “waterfall analysis” in the time domain. For antenna measurements, the battery-operated expansion module (>30MHz) can be mounted directly on the antenna connection. The signal is transmitted via a fiber-optic connection, which transmits the digitized HF signal to the basic device without loss and interference.

Product Overview:

PMM 9010F:
10Hz-30MHz; fast FFT frequency spectrum analysis;Full-compliant scan in just 25s instead of 45 minutes
(9kHz-30MHz; RBW 200 Hz / 9 kHz; QP, C-Avg; Hold time 1s)

PMM 9030-9060- 9180:
External expansion modules for Model 9010F 30 MHz – 3, 6 and 18 GHz, full-compliant

PMM 9010/03P:
Compliant with standards up to 30MHz, CISPR band A&B; precompliant for CISPR band C, up to 300MHz for CDN and absorption clamp measurement according to EN55015
PMM 9010/30P:
Compliant with standards up to 30MHz, CISPR band A&B; precompliant up to 3GHz
PMM 9010/60P:
Compliant with standards up to 30MHz, CISPR band A&B; precompliant up to 6GHz

PMM ER8000:
FFT EMI measuring receiver 9 kHz – 3 GHz, with built-in network simulation 16AUltra-compact, flexible and user-friendly, the ER8000 is a high-performance, fully CISPR 16-1-1 compliant EMI receiver perfect for all conducted and radiated measurements from 9 kHz to 3 GHz

PMM ER9000:
FFT EMI measurement receiver 10Hz – 3GHz
The latest member of the PMM receiver family adds a practical and intuitive color touch panel display on a robust, compact and highly portable housing, making it an ideal tool for use in both EMC certification laboratories and "in the field" power, also thanks to the Li-ion battery.The very fast scanning time, in full compliance with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard, is guaranteed by optimized FFT technology and without compromising on accuracy

for continuous and crackling interference according to CISPR 16-1-1 consisting of PMM 9010F measuring receiver and CA0010 clicking analyzer

Software (included)
The “PMM Emission Suite” software (PES) is the intuitive user interface for controlling the measuring receivers, evaluating and documenting the measurement results. However, the 9010 series also allows easy operation via the keyboard on the front panel. In addition to the measuring receivers, a large selection of accessories is available: antennas, artificial mains network (LISN), click analyzers, and much more.

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

The measuring receiver preselects a signal and evaluates it according to peak value, quasi-peak and average value. The measurement signal is always displayed logarithmically. The classic spectrum analyzer, on the other hand, usually only evaluates the measurement signal according to the peak value or max. hold function, i.e. with significantly less effort. The spectrum analyzer can sweep and measure a wide frequency range relatively quickly. However, since the dynamic range is limited, incorrect measurements can occur with high input signals. With the standard-compliant measuring receiver, a preselection is carried out according to the input signal and even high input levels are displayed correctly.