Field Analysis

The standard systems from Kapteos serve frequencies up to 20 or 40 GHz. Customer specific systems up to 100 GHz can be implemented after intensive consultation!

Field Analysis

Model eoSenseThis high quality measuring device can measure up to 3 axes and phases of an electric field vector. The measured signal can be analyzed by an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or VNA

Field Analysis

Model eoProbe Sensor
The sensor uses electro-optical technology based on the Pockels effect. Result: no effect on the E-Field, thanks to the fully insulated probe, with a frequency of 40 Hz - 40 GHz and a sensitivity of 50 mV/m to several MV/m

Field Analysis

Comprehensive product offering
Extensive accessories and additional devices, such as a recording system for measuring signals in V/m, various probe holders, fiber optic extensions as well as a scanner system for E-Field mapping and much more..

Field Analysis

Services, tailored to your needs and requirements
System rental up to 3 years
Product demonstration on site
Application testing
Upgrading existing systems

Our Range of Offers

The Kapteos measurement system is aimed at E-field measurements/analyses (EMF) in “harsh” environmental conditions.We are constantly surrounded by diversified electromagnetic fields. Many applications generate EMF fields and more and more standards strive to characterize their limits. To improve the system performance and comply with international standards, manufacturers are also interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of EMF generated by their applications.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
The specific absorption rate offers an assessment option to measure the exposure of people to electric fields. These measurements are based on appropriate standards and must now be carried out in a phantom / dummy (new European directive). The eoProbe can be used in all liquids and complies with this new guideline.

Medium and high voltage (HV) in electrical components
The measurement of electrical fields in medium or high voltage systems and components enables the analysis of defects such as partial discharges and aging of components as well as the field exposure of people. The eoProbe is fully insulated and therefore ideal for use on or in HV systems and components.

Antenna measurements
Measuring electric fields in antennas requires near-field measurements with very high frequency bandwidths. The measured electric field must contain the amplitude and phase of each component (or axis) of the field vector. The eoProbe can measure all frequencies at the same time. No need for additional measuring probes!

Applications in plasma
These involve measurements of very strong electric fields (kV/m to MV/m) in order to ionize gases with charged particles. The measurement of such fields must physically be carried out at very small distances (a few millimeters or less for cold plasma to several 10 centimeters for hot plasmas). Kapteos' solution is unique for this application area and has been largely validated through extensive testing.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
The effects of the human body on electromagnetic fields are measured. Frequency field analysis is required with a very high spatial resolution. Depending on the respective MRI, measurements must be carried out under magnetic fields of 3 or 4.7 Tesla. The eoProbe passes this task without any problems without distorting the actual field behavior.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
EMC is a broad topic that covers many applications such as variable speed drives, solar or windmill inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), welding, railways, mining, marine, aircraft and many more. When researching the causes of malfunctions during the design phase or during normal operation, the eoProbe offers useful advantages over standard solutions thanks to its extremely compact design and wide range of applications.

Product Overview

Kapteos offers 7 possible system configurations!
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