RF over Fibre - optical links

ViaLite-Module for different tasks and frequency ranges in a 19-inch rack

RF over Fibre - optical links

ViaLite OEM-Modules
Our customers can also integrate modules for optical routes into their own devices and structures.

Our Range of Offers

Optical links are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional coaxial systems: immune to electromagnetic interference and secure from tapping. They are particularly used where large amounts of data need to be transmitted securely and reliably.

Frequency: Up to 40 GHz
Devices: Transmitter and Receiver as 19”-built-in device or OEM version
Version: In-House- und Outdoor-Versionen

Optical routes in satellite communication

  • Standardized and customer specific satcom systems
  • Wideband VSAT systems
  • Broadcasting centers and TV broadcast vans
  • Military communication networks

Product Overview

10 MHz – 4.2 GHz ultra-wide dynamic range fiber optic cross-site connections from ViaLite