Fiber optic transmission technology

Optical point2point Link
available in AC and DC Versions

Fiber optic transmission technology

Rack Unit
for recording up to 8 optical point2point links

Fiber optic transmission technology

Sentinel 3
shielded, ultra-compact transmitter with 1 or 8 inputs

Fiber optic transmission technology

Sentinel 3
Receiving unit for power distribution and control of up to 6 modules

Our Range of Offers

Fast and secure is the motto of the modular “point2point” fiber optic transmission links from ppm, England. Monitoring data streams and signal lines via copper cables is particularly problematic in “harsh” EMC environments. Transmission of measurement data via fiber optic cables has also proven to be effective over long distances. The specially shielded and battery-operated transmitter and receiver modules from ppm process analog data from 3GHz and digital data up to 40MHz bandwidth and 14 bit resolution. The modules are connected using standard or “heavy-duty” fiber optic cables. Up to 10 receiver modules can be integrated in an optional 19" housing. 

The latest product from ppm is the Sentinel 3. The fiber optic transmission system simplifies and accelerates EMC and EMP applications: tests become more efficient, systems are optimally utilized and measurements become more cost-effective. The system features automatic temperature compensation, multiple performance modes and quick test setup.For interference immunity tests on motor vehicles, we offer the DOtech model range from the German manufacturer NK-Elektronik. The applications include analog signals up to 10MHz, LIN and CAN bus as well as K-Line.


Product Overview:

AC coupled fiber optic routes (shielded modules)
Different bandwidths from 40Hz – 3 GHz

DC coupled fiber optic routes (shielded modules)
Various bandwidths from DC – 40 MHz

Sentinel 3 fiber optic transmission system
Scalable, flexible and powerful system for up to 288 inputs on one control unit

LWL test specimen monitoring on motor vehicles
EMC-hardened optical transmission systems (DOtech) for interference-free transmissionanalog signals DC – 10 MHz, 8 bit; LIN, CAN, K-Line and modular systems

Fiber optic converter
In complex test environments it is often necessary to transmit electrical signals into the measurement chamber or from the chamber to the test equipment. 

We offer a variety of different interfaces that convert electrical signals into optical signals and back. The signal can be transmitted via optical fiber and is immune to electrical fields.A sophisticated shielding and filter concept ensures that the interfaces are very immune to radiation and do not emit any significant emissions.In most cases both units are shielded.

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