RF-Power Amplifiers

EMS-Amplifier System
fully automated and partly designed for mobile use: 100 kHz-1 GHz at 1 kW CW, 800 MHz-18 GHz at 200 W CW

RF-Power Amplifiers

EMS-Amplifier System (HIRF)
ultra-high pulse power, mobile integrated for field strengths up to 14,000 V/m (according to RTCA/DO-160G)

RF-Power Amplifiers

High-quality systems for testing according to EMC standards (transients & pulses according to IEC, ISO & OEM standards), testing of nuclear spin & magnetic resonance systems as well as various other testing options

RF-Power Amplifiers

Wide Range of Offers:
In addition to special solutions, EMCO Elektronik offers a variety of catalog models in the frequency range  10 kHz to >40 GHz with outputs up to 12 kW CW/Pulse

RF-Power Amplifiers

Amplifier Modules and Systems
Solid-State-Technology from 250 kHz to 53 GHz

Our Range of Offers

Application-specific model selction/desing

EMCO Elektronik GmbH offers you power amplifiers for a wide range of applications. Whether for EMC, medical, physical or military applications: our partners usually have the ideal product or system solution ready. Tell us your individual requirements and our engineers will be happy to help and advise you.Through our in-house “system forge”, we offer customer-specific solutions even for highly complex tasks and combine a wide range of technologies and tasks in one system.

EMCO as a long-term partner

Every user is aware that, in addition to a high-quality amplifier system, first-class service is also necessary. Even though our systems achieve extremely high reliability values, when service is required, we still need to act quickly. We therefore work with our long-standing, local service laboratory MICROLAB (www.microlab.org), which is certified by our partners.We also support you well beyond the sale, so many of our modular systems are designed to be upgradeable, ensuring that your current investment will be secured in the future.

The Plus with EMCO Elektronik

Don`t buy a pig in a poke

EMCO Elektronik maintains its own demonstration equipment park of the most common amplifier series. Test our offer before you make a final positive decision!