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RF measurement & testing technology

Something for everyone - but not everything for everyone: Measurement technology solutions from EMCO for amplitude, frequency and time are state-of-the-art, complete and always economical!

RF power amplifier

EMCO ELEKTRONIK GmbH offers you power amplifiers for a variety of applications. Whether for EMC, medical, physical or military applications...

EMC measurement equipment

For your EMC measurement tasks, we offer from simple, precomliance solutions through turnkey anechoic room applications…



Antenna Measurement Technology

In our wireless communication world, antennas are everywhere: mobile communications, W-LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, radar, SatCom, GNSS and many more ...

RF- & µW Components & Systems

Your system demands efficiency, stability and reliability from every single component, because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


LTE successor 5G is the next-generation mobile communications standard. For the time being, the focus is not only on voice telephony and fast data transmission...



EMCO ELEKTRONIK is since 1991 the experienced specialist Distributor and consultant for system technology, measuring devices and components in the areas of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and high frequency (RF&µW).

The company serves industries such as automotive, research, telecommunications, medical, avionics, military, test and inspection laboratories and SatCom.

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