Active RF-Components

Small, broadband, robust & stable, universally applicable: small-signal RF amplifiers ensure optimal levels.

Active RF-Components

Responsive, broadband, low attenuation, wear-free: PIN diode switch for intelligent signal distribution.

Active RF-Components

Comb generators produce frequencies that are multiples of the frequency of the input signal.

Active RF-Components

Detectors, modulators and mixers allow versatile spectrum management with just a few components.

Our Range of Offers

RF small signal amplifier in all optimizations. PIN diode switch for low power. Detectors, mixers and demodulators. For almost all components in the program, it is possible to obtain application-specific optimized solutions.

Product Overview

Wide range of µW & HF components from kHz to THz
Atlantec Microwave

Detectors, limiters, pin diode switches, mixers…

Various RF components up to 50 GHz
Planar Monolithics Industries

Phase array antenna systems, RF amplifiers, phase shifters, switches and much more

Oscillators, synthesizers, modulators, surface-mount components
Synergy Microwave