Company Profile

EMCO ELEKTRONIK is an independent German technology company founded in 1991 for applied measurement and testing technology and for components in the fields of EMC, high-frequency technology, microwave technology and avionics. With headquarters in Gilching near Munich and a branch in Hamburg, EMCO ELEKTRONIK sees itself as a technology specialist in a complex international market and as a distribution expert for both high-quality individual products and mature system solutions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to offering a diversified range of products, engineering advice for the planning and implementation of components and system solutions round off the company's activities. EMCO ELEKTRONIK's strategy is based on consulting and sales of individual, innovative and tailor-made technologies and is geared towards continuous, sustainable growth.

5 ideal pillars of our company

1. Customer Orientation
We offer our customers products and systems that follow current trends in terms of technology and function and are user-friendly. In the interest of our customers, we orientate ourselves towards the leading products of the technologically leading manufacturers.Our know-how enables the development of special solutions.

2. Company Culture
We work in professional team management, constantly accepting new challenges and are used to analyzing and mastering demanding tasks. As a team, we maintain open communication, recognize and support the individuality of each individual. We are constantly expanding our technical know-how and adapting the organization of our company to the challenges.

3. Reponsibility and Sustainability
Our employees assume personal responsibility, work independently and coordinate scheduling.We identify with our work, with the tasks of our customers and consider sustainable factors.We support a number of projects over long time periods.

4. Protection of people and the evironment
We ensure the safety of our customer’s RF-measurement equipment.We check our products and systems for safe function and handling.We also attach great importance to the environmentally friendly manufacture of our products,

5. Efficiency and Economy
We encourage cost-conscious behavior throughout the company. Both our customers and our employees benefit from the efficiency of our work.We value a continuous, high-quality and long-term cooperation with our customers as a reference for our company.On the basis of transparent management, we operate in a future-oriented manner and ensure that we have sufficient reserves.